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First of all, let me introduce her to those who haven’t had the pleasure to know her: of Japanese origin, but living in America,Blythe is not simply a doll. The muse of artists, photographers and designers, in more than one occasions has raised controversy about her look and unconventional appearance.

It may not be love at first sight, but everyone, sooner or later, will be hooked. The latest victim from the fashion system (following Alexander McQueen e Chanel) is the Malloni fashion house that has displayed Blythe in its windows, both with dark and fair hair, donning little dresses and coats from the latest FW 11/12 collection by I-Malloni.

Her big eyes, changing from hazel to blue to green, and the outfits that would make any inveterate fashionista green with envy, have made this fashion doll an icon: a cult for all collectors with a penchant for fashion.

Luca Casarotto Romer




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