What is Fashion

What is fashion? 

I’ve been asked this question before and I had to think about the answer to that question for a while and here is my answer: 

Imagine the Neanderthals would wear the fur from their kills to cover their bodies and eat the meat and live to live another day. Thus creating the first form of fashion: Necessity. 

When a designer creates a simple T-Shirt this designer does not say here is the hole for your head and this is where you put your arms. As well a designer does not say splat here is a masterpiece now give me $100. Instead this artist creates a story and with that creates the customer.

Picture a woman that goes into a shop in New York and say “Wow I love that piece”. Is she wrong for liking that plain shirt? Is she mistaken or has she fell pray to the label printed inside? 
No one can say that a simple white shirt with lightly tattered edges is not fashion just because it is not bejeweled nor has an over the top print on the front. 

Fashion is created by you me and everyone who buys clothes and spends money on them simple as that. Just like our early ancestors our fashion is created by the people and what it is that reflects us and the time we are in. 

Like the woman who walks into a shop in New York, the designer makes the fashion for her and the fashion makes her who she is. It has been this way for years and will be this way for many years to come. 

What is fashion? 
Fashion is the sophisticated woman who was born on Fashion ave with every label and brand of heels pumps and sandals. And fashion is the dapper male shopper who enjoys simple suits or thin black ties or even colored socks with mid calf pants. 

Trends are not made up by Vogue or Harpers, nor are trends something that designers make up to sell more garments. If we remember that simple point we will notice that the answer to that question is obvious and it is not vague or comes from a college level dictionary. 

What is fashion? Simply put “YOU”




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